Add MoGlide to the normal amount of oil; there is no need to make room for it. Once the MoGlide is activated, it will not consume volume.

Apply just the recommended amount of MoGlide (using more isn’t better).

COMPATIBILITY: MoGlide is compatible with conventional and synthetic oils, hydraulic fluids, and greases. It is also compatible with Lucas Oil Stabilizer. Compatibility with other substances, such as other additives, should not be assumed.

CAUTION: New engines need friction; apply MoGlide after break-in.

CAUTION: MoGlide is not for CVT transmissions. If your vehicle has a CVT transmission, your manufacturer probably has very specific guidance on how that transmission is to be treated. Please follow those instructions.

CAUTION: Powerstroke 6.0s have a problematic defect. Click here for more information.

Semi Truck

Engine: 1 oz per quart of oil

Transmission: 16 oz

Differentials: 12 oz in each

Power Steering: 1 oz

Greased Joints: 1 oz.

Light Truck and Car

Engine: 1 oz per quart of oil

Manual Transmission: 1 oz per quart of transmission fluid

Automatic (not CVT) Transmission: 3 oz total

Differentials: 1 oz per quart of differential oil

Power Steering: 1 oz total

Greased Joints: 1 oz total



Safe for wet clutches

Engine: 1 oz per quart of oil

Gear Box: 1 oz per quart of oil

Chain: Several drops

Shaft Hypoid Gear: 1/10 oz

2-Stroke Motors

1 oz per 20 gallons of fuel-oil mixture


Motor/hypoid gear/LUD: 1 oz per qt oil


Mixture rate is 1 oz MoGlide per quart of grease.