Oil Analysis Program

MoGlide extends life of synthetic and conventional lubricants. For example, conventional oil in a semi truck is normally changed every 10,000-15,000 miles. With MoGlide it should still be good at 40,000 miles — just change the oil filter at 15,000 and 30,000 miles. You keep the money that would have gone into the two oil changes you didn’t need.

Extending oil usage beyond the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval should be done only in conjunction with oil analysis. That way, you always know the status of your oil. We encourage customers who are extending their oil to have oil analysis conducted incrementally at a laboratory which does not sell oil changes.

The oil that comes out the first time after using MoGlide will be unusually dirty. This is because MoGlide has cleaned the engine and the residue has been suspended in the oil for processing by the oil filter. After changing this dirty oil and adding fresh MoGlide, the engine normally will be clean and will be ready for oil to run cleaner and last longer than normal. On page 6 of the MoGlide Q&A document that comes with your purchase is the SEMI TRUCK OIL LONGEVITY SHEET, which is instructions for safely extending oil life with MoGlide and recording data.

We are impressed with Peterson CAT oil analysis laboratory (linked here) in Eugene, Oregon. You purchase an oil sample analysis kit (they call it an SOS kit) from them, send in the sample, and receive a report via email. The price is awesome — $15.50, including return shipping.

Would you like some help in paying for your oil analysis? For semi truck drivers who purchase two 64oz bottles, we will pay for your first three oil analyses.  We just ask that you share your oil analysis results with us and another trucker.  Please just email us your MoGlide order number and receipts for your first three oil analyses.  We’ll refund you that money.  Remember, your oil will be dirty after the first time using MoGlide — you can expect good analysis results after that dirty oil is replaced with fresh oil and MoGlide is added again.