Independent Testing

We invite you to put MoGlide Heavy Duty Friction Reducer to the test.  We do a lot of testing, and to our knowledge MoGlide improves oil performance far better than any additive in North America and Europe. We will be grateful if you will compare the performance of MoGlide with that of any lubricant, video-record your testing, and share your videos on the internet.



Below are some examples of testing you can do. If you have any questions, please call me at 501-762-0654. Thank you in advance.



Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force
Owner, MoGlide

ASTM D4172 – If your work involves vehicle maintenance, you know the ASTM series of independent laboratory tests which are recognized worldwide as the industry standard and trusted by SAE engineers. ASTM D4172 (overview linked here) (Four Ball Friction Test) measures a lubricant’s friction reduction and wear reduction performance. On this test, beyond what Shell Rotella T 15W40 does alone, MoGlide reduces friction 36% and wear 22%. Free ASTM Testing — If you do ASTM D4172 and NMF does not improve the wear resistance performance of your own oil by at least 15%, we will reimburse your laboratory costs.

Hometown Testing — We offer an opportunity to have MoGlide tested independently in your town under your oversight. Click here for details.

Oil Abrasion Test — It is similar in significance to ASTM D4172. It measures the duration that a race spins while under pressure against a bearing and wear damage to the bearing. Please see below video.

Drill Press Test — This is a test anyone can do at home to compare performance of lubricants. It measures the duration of time that a steel pin spins in a hole. Please see below video.