Rotary Engines

Question:  Can MoGlide be used with rotary engines?

Answer:  Yes, MoGlide works very well in rotary engines.

Carbon is the enemy of all engines, especially the rotary engine. The friction-reducing method used by MoGlide is not slipperiness or slickness. Instead it is a reversal of the naturally occurring electrically attractive bonding relationship that forms when parts move against each other.

In a piston engine exhaust gases (hydrocarbon molecules) are charged to unite and build upon each other and form into abrasive crystals of carbon grit.  MoGlide charges the ring and cylinder wall the same so that charge is not formed and passed on to the carbon molecules. This condition of like-charge is applied to all parts as well as wear contaminate particles in the oil. This negative negative relationship is the condition we call “defrictionized”.

In a rotary engine the carbons are circulating around and around as they await their turn to escape out of the valve ports. The carbons are frictionally charged to unite and become a polishing agent on the apex seals and gears as well.

Here is a testimonial of a MoGlide user:  “When I purchased my 1985 Mazda RX7 with the 12A engine it had 172,000 and some extra miles on it. I decided to drive it around for about a week before I defrictionized it so I would be most aware of the performance improvements. The little car is expected to produce 115 hp and the engine ran fine and it was quite fast for so little hp.

I also have a 1982 porsche super Carrera that produces 360 hp and initially before MoGlide the RX7 was not even close to being in the same performance league of the Porsche. When I finally defrictionized the RX7 the little engine came alive with a new level of responsiveness and available torque that made up for the lack of hp and made it feel more Porsche like on the winding scenic roads here in Arkansas.

I now have over 225,000 on the car and the engine is as spry as ever and shows no sign of apex seal wear or power loss. It is now off the road awaiting a complete restoration as the engine has out-lasted other components like the door handles and window mechanisms window rubbers etc. Using MoGlide in my oil and fuel was instrumental in the longevity of my rotary engine.”