You put hard-earned dollars into MoGlide.  It is extremely rare to hear that MoGlide has not performed as expected. If this happens with you, please just tell us and we’ll process your refund. We will be thankful for whatever information you can share such as vehicle type and condition, workload, and the oil you use. This information is unrelated to your refund. It is to help us stay abreast of results under various conditions and to consider why in your case the benefits of MoGlide weren’t apparent. 

Your purchase comes with the following guarantees:
(1) MoGlide reduces wear and heat to your satisfaction or money back
(2) MoGlide cleans the engine to your satisfaction or money back
(3) If used in fuel, MoGlide cleans the injectors to your satisfaction or money back
(4) On test ASTM D4172 (click here for overview) MoGlide improves the wear resistance of whatever oil you use by at least 15% or we’ll pay your laboratory fees. 
(5) Fully-treated semi truck only — MoGlide improves fuel efficiency 4% or your money back.


Let’s say you buy diesel at the April 7, 2022 national average of $5.14 per gallon, your truck now gets 9 MPG, and you drive 3000 miles per week. With only a 4% improvement in fuel efficiency, you save $3420 a year. We guarantee with MoGlide you save that amount. Most truckers save much more.

To qualify for 4% fuel savings or money back on one 64oz bottle, apply MoGlide to your semi truck as follows:
– Engine: 1 oz per quart of oil
– Transmission: 16 oz total
– Differentials: 12 oz in each
– Power steering: 1 oz total
– 5th Wheel: Mix about 1 oz into 5th wheel grease


Compare fuel logs for the 15,000 miles before and after applying MoGlide. If fuel efficiency didn’t improve 4% just email your fuel logs to sales[at] and we will issue your refund.

If you are psyched about the fuel you saved, we will be grateful for a review on Amazon!