Home Town Testing

Would you like to get free MoGlide?  Although we are not positioned to fulfill the many requests we receive for free samples, if a company will performance test MoGlide according to scientific principles and share the results, we will provide MoGlide for that purpose. A qualifying performance test plan will satisfy the principles of specificity, validity, and repeatability:


— Parts (engine, transmission, differential, injectors, etc.) of the vehicle to be examined

— Phenomena to be measured (wear reduction, heat reduction, cleaning, oil longevity, fuel efficiency, etc.)

— Methods of measurement (temperature measurements, oil analysis, video documentation, etc.)

Validity: Test plan will state how MoGlide will be isolated as the variable so changes can be logically attributed to MoGlide.

Repeatability: Test plan will include step-by-step procedures so others can repeat the test to verify results

Agreement to ensure integrity: The owner of the testing company and MoGlide sign an agreement including the test plan. MoGlide provides only free MoGlide Heavy Duty Friction Reducer and no payment. The customer who found the company to conduct testing is invited to observe testing. After testing, the owner of the company conducting testing signs off on the resulting data report. 


If you are interested, please call us at 501-762-0654.    


Joe Lehnerd
Lieutenant Colonel (retired), U.S. Air Force
Owner, MoGlide