This is a review of NMF, which is the same product as MoGlide.

“I purchased the No-Mor Friction fuel conditioner and oil conditioner back in March. When I first purchased it I didn’t put it in right away. And before I finally put it in my engine was running so bad that I thought that I was going to be having to go to the shop. I have a _______. It jammed too. I added the No-Mor Friction oil additive and within 20 minutes my engine smoothed out and is now running and the oil additive has reduced the temperature when I’m now pulling. The fuel conditioner added a mile to the gallon in my overall mileage. I recommend No-Mor Friction fuel conditioner and oil conditioner to anyone to save their engine. It will work in your transmission to reduce your temperature by 35 degrees, reduce your temperature in your rear. It will also reduce your temperature if you put it in your boxes if you put it in your front wheel bearings and it will help cut down on all your friction. I recommend No-Mor Friction to everyone. Without this product I inevitably would not be working today, because I would not be able to afford to replace the engine. I drive for United Van Lines and you can contact me at three six zero 304-9972 if you want any additional information. I thank you very much and have a good day. ”


— Lee Wasylchak, United Van Lines Driver